OpenNode – Server Virtualization and Cloud Management Made Simple
Server Virtualization and Cloud Management Made Simple

OpenNode Cloud Platform

... is an open source server virtualization and management solution - currently targeted at:

  • Public sector (incl. academia) – open-­source and open-­standards based solution for managing IT infrastructure, EU suggested policy;
  • HPC centers requiring flexible open-source platform;
  • Private sector – hosters, software development houses, telecommunication and financial institutions; 

OpenNode Cloud Platform consists of following components:

OpenNode OS bare-metal installer

Providing easy to use (CentOS / RHEL based) bare-metal ISO installer supporting both OpenVZ containers and emerging KVM full virtualization technology on the same physical host. For a local management we have included OpenNode TUI Utility as well as a selection of widely used standard tools like like virsh and vzctl.


CentOS-to-OpenNode conversion script

An alternative to bare-metal ISO or networked PXE installation. A script, which converts your existing CentOS deployment to OpenNode.


OpenNode Management Server 2.0

OpenNode Management Server (OMS) provides an easy way for managing multiple OpenNode nodes via a central point of control. It exposes two interfaces:

  • SSH: allows to access OMS with your favorite ssh client and operate on the infrastructure in a Linux shell-like environment.
  • HTTP REST: for integration with existing systems and GUIs. 

OMS is packaged and delivered simply as a VM appliance for the OpenNode host - shortcuts for installation and registration are provided by a local OpenNode TUI Utility and takes just a couple of minutes.

OpenNode Management Console 2.0

An ExtJS4-based management console with simple and uncluttered layout - providing VM management both for OpenNode nodes and VMs. Includes pure HTML5-based VNC, SSH and 'vzctl enter' VM consoles. OpenNode Management Console is included in the OpenNode Management Server appliance.